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Sellers Checklist

Please read through the list below as you prepare for closing to help our staff expedite the pre-closing process. (Buyers, click here for important info.)

- The attendance of all borrowers listed on the current mortgage is required at settlement to ensure the proper execution of all closing documents.

- Bring a current government-issued photo ID, such as a Driver’s License or passport, along with your Social Security card for verification purposes.

- Any party not attending the closing will require a Power of Attorney. This document can be drawn-up by our office prior to closing or, should one exist, our office will need to review this document prior to closing for approval.

- Please inform our closing department of any previous divorces, deaths, bankruptcies or other title issues you are aware of in connection with your property. Our staff will work diligently with your situation to ensure a clear chain of title.

- For tax reporting purposes and in accordance with State law, our office needs the Social Security number of each seller or the appropriate Federal Tax ID. We also require this prior to closing in order to obtain current payoff information.

- A termite inspection of your property is required prior to closing and must be dated no more than 30 days before settlement. Our office needs the original copy of this report signed by the buyer to be remitted to the lender with the remainder of the signed documents. The cost of this inspection can be collected at closing. Our office will need a copy of the paid receipt if the pest inspection has been paid prior to closing.

- If the subject property required membership into a Homeowners’ Association (HOA), our office needs a statement outlining any amounts currently owed and the amount due from the new owner.

- Before closing, please provide our closing department with the name and phone number of your current lender along with the loan number to be paid-off. Be aware, some lenders require five to seven business days to generate a payoff statement, so call our office with this information as soon as possible.

- A $10 charge will appear on the settlement statement for recording your satisfied deed with the county courthouse and a separate courier fee for sending your payoff funds via overnight mail.

- If you are signing as an agent of a corporation, please bring your corporate seal and original corporation resolution. If you are signing as an agent of an LLC, bring your LLC seal and a copy of the LLC Operating Agreement.

- Under Georgia law, any amount due at closing exceeding $5,000 must be paid in certified funds or wired to our office 24 hours prior to closing. At times, settlement costs are adjusted at closing, so bring your checkbook in case changes are made.

- Surveying the subject property prior to settlement is always recommended to ensure all parties understand the details and description of the land being conveyed.

- Bring the final sales agreement between you and your buyer. If the conditions of this contract have been changed or amended prior to closing, fax the amendments to our office to ensure our staff has all the current details on your transaction.

- Make sure all utilities have been changed into your buyer’s name.

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